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Cork has certainly gained a lot of popularity over the years, especially since Portugal has become a popular tourist destination. As you know, Portugal is not only the largest producer of cork but also has the best cork material due to its perfect Mediterranean climate.

Cork Trees in Portugal

Why is BENT & BREE different?

The popularity of cork has encouraged many brands to debut. We often get asked why is BENT&BREE better than others? The answer is simple. The company was created on the basis of love and wanting to provide a better universe for our children. The founder, Helena named the company after her children BENT (Bentley) and BREE. You will notice the icon are the two letters “B” from their names that form the recognizable heart.


After becoming pregnant a second time, Helena continued to feel frustrated with the lack of non-toxic options related to baby accessories such as diaper bags. So she designed her most popular tote that consists of 7 fantastic pockets to hold everything from baby bottles to wipes. Today, it is still her favorite bag, best seller and is used as her business bag to hold iPad, notebooks, water bottles, sunglasses and everything else!

Starting BENT&BREE allowed more time to be spent with the family while contributing to a more sustainable universe. As you know by now, cork is one of the most sustainable materials in the world because trees are not cut down and the bark regenerates every 9 years. 

Why is BENT & BREE different?

  • Only 1% of the cork harvested is approved to be used on BENT&BREE handbags
  • Strong relationships with our partner factories that have been with us since the start
  • Investment in research, trend analysis, designers and focus groups to understand what customers want and need. All our bags are not only beautiful but functional
  • Cork material has been tested by a U.S. based testing laboratory to confirm that it is resistant to water, color fading, flexibility strength, etc.
  • BENT&BREE cork bags have also been tested by this same laboratory for craftmanship which includes a passing score for stitching, zipper pulls, snaps, etc
  • Exceptional customer service. We don’t request that our customers write reviews about us, but we are happy when we get quick notes and phone calls letting us know how satisfied they are!
  • Organic Popularity – We don’t believe in investing a lot of money in gaining followers or promoting our social platforms. Most of our business comes from word or mouth and loyal customers that have been purchasing from us over the years
  • Like many, BENT&BREE is Peta Vegan Certified but we take the extra steps to confirm that all of the substances used are not animal by products including the glue
  • Last but not least, we are parents, consumers and sincere small business owners that are here to support one another, especially during these times

We’re very grateful for all the support we have got, especially during these times, from our new and loyal customers. You are simply the ones that make us BETTER and the BEST 🙂

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