Transforming the landscape of sustainable luxury design, innovative creations crafted from cork are introduced, presenting an eco-conscious approach to style. Enjoy! Love, Helena


Bent & Bree is an eco-friendly and sustainable luxury brand of bags and accessories made of genuine cork.


We embraced cork because it is all natural, vegan and one of the most versatile and sustainable materials in the world.


We not only offer you the finest vegan products, but we also create pieces that reveal comfort, function and style.


BENT&BREE is deeply rooted in the philosophy of combining artistry with sustainability. The brand aims to challenge the traditional norms of the fashion industry and prove that eco-consciousness and luxury can go hand in hand. By using cork as a renewable and biodegradable resource, BENT&BREE emphasizes its dedication to reducing the environmental impact of fashion while celebrating the beauty and versatility of this natural material.

BENT&BREE stands proudly as a sustainable brand, offering a captivating range of vegan handbags, jewelry, home, and hospitality accessories meticulously crafted from cork – a truly eco-friendly marvel. As passionate experts in design, we take pride in delivering stylish and functional alternatives to leather and plastic, presenting boutiques, incentive/rewards programs, and the hospitality industry with a conscious choice. With our WBENC certification, we proudly embrace our status as a woman-owned enterprise.

 The Founder

As the founder of BENT&BREE, Helena is driven by a profound passion for animals, sustainability, and creativity. Her artistic journey has been guided by a vision to reshape the world of fashion and design, blending artistry with environmental consciousness.

BENT&BREE emerged from a desire to challenge the conventional norms and to create a brand that embodies elegance and style while remaining committed to the principles of eco-consciousness. Her artistic expression is deeply rooted in Portugal, where she grew up, drawing inspiration from the Cork Montado and the beauty it beholds.

Sustainability lies at the core of every creation. “I believe that art and fashion should not come at the expense of our environment; instead, they should be harmonious with nature”. BENT&BREE is a testament to this philosophy, where every piece is thoughtfully crafted from one of the most sustainable natural materials in the world-cork.

In the artistic process, innovation and craftsmanship go hand in hand. Helena along with designers mainly in Portugal, constantly explore new techniques and materials, pushing the boundaries of design while keeping an eye on our ecological impact.

Through BENT&BREE, Helena’s virtuosity becomes a conduit for change, sparking conversations, and inspiring individuals to cherish the beauty of our planet while being mindful of their choices. Together, we can transform the fashion industry, one conscious step at a time, creating a brighter, more sustainable future for all. #holdnature


BENT&BREE is a pioneering fashion and design brand that places cork at the heart of its creative process recognizing its extraordinary qualities. The company has embraced this sustainable, versatile, and aesthetically pleasing material to craft unique and eco-friendly products.

Cork, harvested from the bark of the cork oak tree, is a renewable and biodegradable resource, making it an ideal choice for environmentally conscious designs. The cork oak tree thrives in the Mediterranean region, particularly in Portugal, where BENT&BREE is deeply rooted. The harvesting of cork is an environmentally friendly process. The cork oak tree’s bark is carefully stripped off in a controlled manner, allowing the tree to regenerate its bark over time. This sustainable harvesting method ensures the tree’s longevity, as cork oaks can live for centuries. In fact, the first harvest usually takes place when the tree is around 25 years old, and subsequent harvests occur every 9 to 12 years. By utilizing cork in their creations, the brand supports sustainable forestry practices, preserving the natural ecosystem and biodiversity.

The products crafted from cork embody a sense of sophistication and elegance, challenging the misconception that sustainable fashion must compromise on style. BENT&BREE’s designs exemplify that sustainability and luxury can coexist harmoniously, redefining the perception of eco-conscious fashion in the industry.

By choosing cork as their primary material, BENT&BREE elevates the values of authenticity, ethics, and innovation. Each piece is a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality craftsmanship and dedication to a greener future. As more individuals become conscious of their impact on the environment, BENT&BREE stands at the forefront of a sustainable movement, inspiring others to adopt mindful consumption while celebrating the beauty and versatility of cork in the process.


  • Renewable and sustainable: The harvesting of cork is an environmentally friendly process. The cork oak tree’s bark is carefully stripped off in a controlled manner, allowing the tree to regenerate its bark over time.
  • Lightweight: Cork is a lightweight material, making it easy to handle and carry. It has a low density due to its cellular structure filled with air.
  • Water resistant: Cork is resistant to moisture, making it ideal for use in humid or wet environments. Its Suberin content (a waxy substance) repels liquids and prevents rotting.
  • Natural fire retardant: Cork is naturally fire-resistant and does not release harmful gases when burned, making it a safe material.
  • Durable: Cork is highly elastic and can be compressed, yet it returns to its original shape.
  • Easy to clean: Its natural properties make it resistant to liquids and moisture, which means it is less likely to absorb stains. Refer to care instructions
  • Unique, no two pieces are exactly alike


 Our cork material is wisely selected for its quality, hand-feel, and durability. All products are distinctively designed and handcrafted to bring you the best. Our bags proudly passed testing from a U.S based testing laboratory.


We know the importance of newness and creating products that are meaningful. Cork is used in creative ways and is a base of inspiration for our designers.


Our mission is to hoist the design of essential products by adding creativity and allure to every piece. Working with focus groups helps aid the creation of amazing, functional and everlasting styles.


BENT&BREE emerged from our love of nature and wanting to preserve it for our loved ones. All our products are vegan and cruelty-free. We use carbon-free shipping whenever possible.