A visit from the President and Prime Minister of Portugal

We had the special honor to share our brand with the 20th President of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and 119th Prime Minister, Antonio Costa during the Portugal Day celebrations.

It was an esteemed moment when the President and Prime Minister of Portugal graciously visited our table. Their presence illuminated our showcase of meticulously crafted cork handbags, symbolizing a fusion of cultures. Engaging with our collection, they shared a mutual appreciation for our commitment to sustainability and craftsmanship. Their visit affirmed the bridge we aim to build between Portuguese heritage and contemporary design, leaving a lasting impression on our team and visitors alike.

Our presentation highlighted cork handbags meticulously crafted in Portugal, centered around the themes of RED, WHITE, and BLUE collections. These collections symbolize the significance of two separate yet harmoniously intertwined cultures – American and Portuguese.

Every year on June 10th, the Day of Portugal, Camões, and the Portuguese Communities is observed to commemorate the passing of Luis de Camões, a revered literary figure who penned an epic poem during his travels. Legend has it that Camões, after encountering a shipwreck, bravely swam with just one arm while holding the precious poem above water with the other, showcasing his unwavering dedication to his craft.

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