Be Inspired by Love, Nature and Imagination


We started our journey with the birth of our second child, Bentley. When we first became parents, we found it very frustrating to find distinctive and conscious products for our first child, Bree. Almost five years later, we still feel the same way and have become aware that many of you share the same feelings. Bent & Bree is a brand inspired by LOVE, nature, imagination and a desire to provide unique and stylish planet-friendly products that reassures you that you are doing your best.


Creating amazing products that don’t harm our precious ones or the planet was our goal. Therefore; we embraced cork because it is one of the most versatile and sustainable materials in the world. Our products are made of cork material that is all natural (vegan), recyclable, reusable contributing to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable society. Extracted from the bark of the cork oak, it is the only tree whose bark regenerates itself after each harvest, doing NO harm to the tree.  Cork is exceptionally durable, lightweight, moisture and stain resistant. It simply is nature’s most futuristic achievement.


Join us on our journey that is mixed with fun and the thoughtful mission to lower our environmental footprint by providing eco friendly, stylish and guilt-free products for every member of the family. Enjoy stories and amazing photos of nature, be part of the creation of remarkable vegan products from baby booties to trendy clutches, and engage with Mother Earth’s natural resources.