Look Who’s Changing The Fashion Industry

We’re thrilled to be showcased in Sublime Magazine among the 7 brands leading change in the fashion realm. Our ongoing journey is driven by the significance of creating a positive impact and contributing to a better world.

Sublime Magazine

01 July 2016

7 Who Are Changing the Fashion Industry

Written by Jen Marsden Published in Fashion

Forget everything that’s wrong with the world and focus on everything that’s right. As the world cools down and cottons onto sustainability in the fashion industry, we look at some movers and shakers that are challenging the status quo

United we stand. That’s the current mantra of all future-gazing brands. We can all individually create and question the norm, but when we share our innovative concepts and collaborate, we can learn from one another and build on our strengths. As consumers, we can learn to fight our fast fashion cravings and purchase with consideration, favouring quality and longevity over quantity. With this fresh perspective, we can afford to support smaller, sustainable and trailblazing brands. The ethical fashion movement is thriving, with spending up 2460% since 2000!

Welcome to the new economy. Whether it is bark cloth, fishy fabric, using end of roll fabrics or traditional style wisdom, Sublime is proud to introduce seven brands with a real – and chic – difference.


BentBreeThe inspiration for BENT&BREE was down to its family-focused founders who were considering what they would be leaving the next generation. After the birth of their second child, they sought out distinctive, conscious products and decided to create their own sustainable yet luxurious bags and accessories.

Cork was the material of choice, given that it is renewable, lightweight, durable, allergy-friendly, water repellent and fire retardant. Extracted from the bark of the cork oak, it is the only tree whose bark regenerates itself after each harvest every nine years. Cork requires very little processing and the harvesting of it is an ancient process, without the need for harsh dyes or chemicals, focusing only on the sun, hot water and manual, experienced labour. Cork is also versatile, vegan and recyclable.

As Founder, Helena Silva, highlights, ‘The brand is inspired by LOVE, nature, imagination and a desire to provide unique and stylish planet-friendly products that reassures you that you are doing your best. We design and create pieces that reveal comfort, function and style. All our products portray an enduring sense of style that are timeless, modern, seasonless and will outlive trends.’

BENT&BREE sources its cork from the Montado Forests of Portugal, where over 50% of the world’s cork is produced, and which is carefully safeguarded and maintained by ecologically considerate Portuguese laws. The brand has created its unique collection of marvellous conversation pieces through laser cutting techniques. The Blossom Handbag is a best seller, with its 3D flowers that each have been individually placed by hand. ‘Cork simply is nature’s most futuristic achievement.’

Source: http://www.sublimemagazine.com/7-sustainable-brands-that-are-changing-the-fashion-industry